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Tyler is a member of the Wine Writers' Circle of Canada and the Guild of Sommeliers. He writes about and reviews wine both online and via a variety of circulating publications.

In 2009 Tyler founded a free online wine education resource where he publishes his Thoughts, Theory, and Recommendations.

In the pages below, you will find a summary of my tasting notes to supplement much of the written material that I provide. Should I taste a wine and subsequently review that label, I do so because it offers something unique or of interest such as noted varietal or regional character.

My written articles and educational resource material can be found at www.tylerphilp.com and here at WineAlign via the CRU page.

For additional vinous related information and learning, follow on Twitter @TylerOnWine

Accéder au blog - http://www.tylerphilp.com/

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