Jason Edwards is thevinoboy.com!

Jason Edwards is thevinoboy.com!
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I am 'thevinoboy!!.
Controversy seems to be my hallmark... Before negatively judging my wine reviews, know that though I sometimes disagree with my more learned peers I remain true to my integrity, credibility and palate... Please don't think my reviews are 'bi-polar' or 'monochromatic'... First-tasting impressions are never lasting impressions and it is very exciting to try a new release of a previously tasted product.
Through careful study and examination, I have been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Ontario Wine Council. I LOVE Ontario wine and everything the VQA stands for and consider myself very lucky to have lived steps away from all of Ontario's acclaimed viticultural regions.
Journals of almost 20 years of vino adventures has lead to an online blog where i can share my impressions of wines new, old and in-between.
Now I live outside of Minneapolis MN, a few miles from the Minnesota and Wisconsin AVA regions. I look forward to exploring the many small vineyards here.
Many thanks to Bryan! Your coaching and advice is invaluable!

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